M Soft White Solitaire Ring
M Soft White Solitaire Ring
M Soft White Solitaire Ring
M Soft White Solitaire Ring
M Soft White Solitaire Ring
Julieta Jóias

M Soft White Solitaire Ring

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Essential Chain Ring: the jewellery trend proposed in a precious style with a solitaire diamond to wrap your finger in a precious caress.

Only those who need a delicate touch can touch gently.

Soft White Solitaire Ring: A Gentle Embrace of Elegance and Diamonds, Wrapped in Rose Gold Splendor!

Introducing the Essential Chain Ring, a jewelry trend presented in a precious style, featuring a Soft White Solitaire Ring adorned with a delicate diamond—a symbol of sophistication that caresses your finger with grace.

  • Materials: Immerse yourself in the allure of Rose Gold - 18Kt, creating a warm and enchanting foundation for this timeless piece.

  • Stone: Adorned with a 0.05ct VVS Diamond, the Soft White Solitaire Ring captures the essence of elegance and purity.

List of Benefits:

  1. Delicate Elegance: Experience the gentle touch of elegance with the Soft White Solitaire Ring, designed to wrap your finger in a precious caress of sophistication.

  2. Versatile Trend: The Essential Chain Ring embodies the latest jewelry trend, combining timeless style with a modern touch, making it perfect for various occasions.

  3. Symbolic Diamond: The 0.05ct VVS Diamond serves as a symbolic representation of purity and enduring elegance, elevating the significance of this ring.

  4. Rose Gold Splendor: Crafted in Rose Gold, this ring not only adds warmth to your ensemble but also showcases a timeless splendor that complements any style.

Embrace the whisper of elegance with the Soft White Solitaire Ring—a delicate masterpiece in Rose Gold. Elevate your style with this symbol of sophistication and enduring beauty. Only those who appreciate the finer touches of life can truly understand the allure of this Essential Chain Ring. Indulge in the grace of diamonds and the warmth of Rose Gold. Secure your precious caress today, and let your style speak volumes in the language of refined elegance. Make it yours—a gentle touch that resonates with timeless allure!

MATERIALS Rose Gold 750% - 18Kt
STONE Diamond 0.05ct F VVS


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