Orders and Deliveries

Orders and Deliveries

1. Consumer/User Responsibility

The Registration as a user of the website and/or the placing of orders for products merchandised, assumes full knowledge of the general conditions and implies its express acceptance by the Consumer / User of all its terms and conditions.

2. Consumer Registration and Placing Orders

2.1. In order to place orders for products through the website, the User / Consumer must register his/her as a user by completing the respective form made available online.

2.3. The User / Consumer is responsible for always keeping updated the data relating to his/her user registration, including the information relating to his/her address.

2.4 Espaço de Jóias, Lda. reserves the right to cancel all User/Consumer accounts and records that contain false or incomplete data and/or that correspond to non-existent identities.

2.5 After registering as a user, the User / Consumer can place orders, using the "virtual shopping basket" and following all the steps, including those related to payment.

2.6 The validation of the order requires the acceptance by the User / Consumer of these general conditions, as well as the price, characteristics of the product to be purchased, delivery times and other conditions of the transaction.

2.7 After the order [and the payment] the User / Consumer will receive an email containing the order number, the products purchased, the predictable delivery times and other private information relating to the order in question. The User / Consumer must immediately inform Espaço de Jóias, Lda. if you detect any error or non-conformity in the description of the essential elements of the order, so we can cancel it.

2.8 The User / Consumer must save the order confirmation message by printing it or recording it on any durable and stable support.

2.9 2.9. In case of error in programming or error in communications, and whenever the messages transmitted do not reach the addresse in a position to be noticeable and understandable its essential elements or the essential elements of the contract, Espaço de Jóias, Lda reserves the right to cancel the order, informing the Consumer / User of this fact.

2.10 The data recorded by Espaço de Jóias, Lda relating to the Consumer / User and orders made by him, will be stored by Espaço de Jóias, Lda. and may serve as proof of the contracting orders. At the request of the Consumer / User the Espaço de Jóias, Lda. will deliver copies of the consumer records and their orders to you.

3. Prices, Characteristics and Products Availability:

3.1 The images of the products available on the website are only indicative. When placing the order (yours, for e.g.) the Consumer / User should check and analyze the characteristics and descriptions of the respective products.

3.3 The indicated price of the products is, unless insertion error or indication to the contrary, the sales price to the public (including VAT at the time of the order.).

3.4 The price of any purchase made through the website is valid for the day the order is placed and paid for. Espaço de Jóias, Lda. reserves the right to change sales prices to the public at any time and without notice.

3.5 It is possible that, despite the efforts and control mechanisms instituted by Espaço de Jóias Lda., some prices indicated on the site may contain errors. If this occurs, at the time of order processing, the Espaço de Jóias, Lda. inform the Consumer/ User in this event. In such a case, the User / Consumer:

3.5.1 It will be refunded the difference if the advertised price is higher than the actual sales price;

3.5.2 You may choose to cancel the order, or informed of the effective price and maintaining the interest in it, pay the difference, if the effective price is higher than the advertised price.

3.5.3 The indication of stocks availability, as well as delivery times, are merely indicative. If, as a result of the unavailability of stocks or delays in processing or dispatch the products ordered by the User / Consumer, it is impossible to fulfill the order within the expected delivery period indicated, plus five working days, the Espaço de Jóias, Lda. will contact the User / Consumer, you can choose to keep the order and accept the new delivery time indicated, or cancel it, being refunded the amount you have already paid.

4. Payment Methods

4.1 Orders become effective after payment through one of the methods of payment available by Espaço de Jóias, Lda. for online purchases on the site.

4.2 Orders will only be processed and shipped by Espaço de Jóias, Lda. to the User / Consumer after the payment.

4.3 The payments methods available for online purchases made through the website are the following:

4.3.1 Bank Transfer or Paypal.

4.3.2 The User/Consumer knows and accept that the processing of payments through online platforms carrie security risks. It is the responsibility of the user / consumer to choose a payment method available, who may not impute to the Espaço de Jóias, Lda. any damages or losses resulting from the use of such payment methods, unless it demonstrates that such damages or losses were culpably caused by any act or omission of the Espaço de Jóias, Lda.

5. Delivering Orders. Shipping Costs

5.1 The site and its products are intended to only for direct sales to the consumer, so Espaço de Jóias, Lda. shall not consider any order which, by its objective characteristics, is not intended for sale to an end consumer, [or] indicates that it is a purchase for resale.

5.2 The User /Consumer is only responsible for the precise, complete and true introduction of all data requested on the website's user registration form and in its orders including, without limitation, the address where the delivery is to be made. Espaço de Jóias cannot be responsible for any delay or difficulty delivery, as well as for any delivery at an address other than that desired by the User / Consumer, whenever this is the error or inaccuracy of the data provided by the User / Consumer.

5.3 The User / Consumer is responsible for, at the time of reception of the order, check that the packaging is in perfect condition and that the items are in accordance with the order. In cases where it is visibly damaged, the User / Consumer must refuse the reception by mentioning the occurrence on the courier's delivery list and contact Espaço de Jóias, Lda. through e-mail address:

info@julietajoias.com or through the phone number 22 616 8861*

5.4 Unless otherwise indicated, the expected delivery time of the items in national territory is approximately 48 hours in Mainland Portugal and 72 hours for the islands of Madeira and Azores after the effective payment of the products. For the counting of working days, Saturdays, Sundays, national or municipal holidays, days on which point tolerance and strike days are decreed in the transport or postal services sectors. Deliveries are made on weekdays between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

5.5 Unless otherwise stated, the prices advertised on the website include the costs and delivery charges of the products on the continental territory Portuguese.

5.7 If, at the time of delivering the order, no one is at the address indicated, a second delivery attempt by the carrier will be rescheduled. If the second delivery attempt is unsuccessful, the order will be returned to Espaço de Jóias, Lda.. In such case the amount paid will be credited to the User /Consumer, pursuant to paragraph 9.11. deducted from the costs of transport and processing of the order. By the way, on the current date the costs of transport and processing of orders to be delivered on the continental territory Portuguese are 15.30 EUR (VAT at the time of the order.).

6. Applicable Legislation. Portuguese Courts Jurisdiction

6.1 The use of the website as well as the transactions, contracts and business concluded through it, and the interpretation and application of these general conditions, Portuguese law is applied.

6.2 In order to solve any emerging litigio from the use of the website, transactions, contracts and business concluded through this or the application of these general conditions, the Portuguese Courts are exclusively competent.


*Standard cost national landline call