Of a dream that became reality more than 30 years ago, Maria Julieta built a unique space that mirrors her personality, where the time has no meaning and materializes everyone's dreams.

In this space, Maria Julieta will always welcome her customers with an honest and open smile. Involved in the inner universe of the store, a sober and cosy environment, you can also expect a dedicated and personalized service.

The Jewels, as well as the space, are seductive, provocative, intimate, contemporary and yet, timeless. The radiance of diamonds and the unexpected colours of gems, blend perfectly with the curves of white, yellow and pink gold, taking the form of unique pieces, that, in an explosion of light, illuminates the display and the skin of those who desire to wear them.

The feature that characterizes all owned creations reflects the high standards of quality, combining excellence and experience with refinement and modernity.

In addition to the owned creations of jewellery and decoration pieces, there are collections of renowned international brands such as Messika, Damiani, Cervera and Oromalia. The purpose of Julieta Jewellery is to recreate emotions and make dreams come true.